Estimating / Design Build

Whether you are in the planning phases, or your project is still a concept, Butterfield Electric, Inc. offers intelligent, functional design and engineering services to help you achieve your vision.

Full project cycle design development from conception to completion. A pre-construction coordination system allows for rapid response to ongoing revisions throughout the project life cycle. Butterfield Electric, Inc. is dedicated to implementing new technology and coordinating with local utility companies.

Our flexible all-inclusive approach continues to meet the needs of our customers. Our team of electrical experts will utilize our industrial and commercial strengths in designing and installing building power systems, high voltage applications, control and distribution systems and energy efficient lighting.

With Butterfield Electric, Inc.’s custom design-build capabilities, you will receive our trademark project coordination multiplied by a well-designed, completely integrated electrical system. It is an equation that allows us to lay the unrivaled groundwork so that your concept and project becomes a cost-effective, high-quality reality.