Assisted / Senior Living

Independent living facilities require electrical power distribution, lighting, special and emergency systems required to ensure the safety of the residences. Light fixtures and lighting design are an essential part of independent living, with our knowledge and expertise we have the ability to customize the lighting needs of our customers while staying within the budget. We offer the safety and experience required to meet all demands of the ever-growing assisted senior living market.


Location: Vacaville, CA
Description: 107 Units
Area: 86,000 Sq. Ft.

Glen Cove electrical project for Assisted living market

Glen Cove

Location: Vallejo, CA
Description: 191 Units
Area: 120,000 Sq. Ft.




Location: Cordilla, CA
Description: 148 Units
Area: 108,000 Sq. Ft.

Vaca Valley Assited living electrical project

Vaca Valley Memory Care

Location: Vacaville, CA
Description: 50 Units
Area: 31,000 Sq. Ft.